Sample Home Inspection Report

Sample Home Inspection Report


Your report will come as a PDF and usually 24 hours or sooner however I can provide a summary of issues right away if you need.

I will send a full report like in the example anyway as a follow up as you will like the amount of detail that helps you understand all the content.

I always ask my clients to call anytime and ask questions if needed about anything as I am happy to help.

Often you may wish to have another copy sent to either your Agent or Lawyer and I can send them a copy simultaneously if you prefer.

My report has Bookmarks to help you navigate fast to any sections or issues .

Note that the summary is basically a punch list however there may also be minor concerns in the body of the report so please look through all of it as what I consider minor may be major to you. 

Thank you to Dominic Maricic for development of the best report software in the business