Home Inspection Client Testimonials


Hi Bob,

Thank you for completing the inspection so promptly.

I apologize for such a late response.  However, I TRULY thank you for your services.  A city inspector finally arrived and confirmed many of the findings within your report.
As we finalize all the legal proceedings regarding the property and the owner, I may need to call you for the final walk-through.
Again, THANKS!!!
Fredrick .S


Thank you for the well-prepared and timely report.  Our appraisal should
come today by pdf and we will present all to the bank later today.


Hi Bob,
I Enjoyed very much reading your report yesterday night! It  enlightened me and enriched my technical vocabulary. The  high quality confirmatory pictures were of great help  in refreshing my memory of the various defects you previously  showed me. You were absolutely right: It was important you walk me through the inspection...
Will try to talk soon and many thanks again,
Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. You are not only a certified home inspector. You are also a true friend of the customer.
Thank you,
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